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Add Smiles to Your WordPress Blog

Smilies, also known as “emotions”, are glyphs used to convey emotions in your writing. They are a great way to brighten up your posts.

If you want to attract more visitors to comment on your blog, adding smilies is an effective method.

Here is the screenshots in comment area of my blog:

For more information about smilies of WordPress, I strongly recommend you to check WordPress Codex at

There are different ways to  to add your own smilies to your WordPress blog, and in the post I will introduce 2 of them.

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Modify the Width of Theme ZeePersonal

zeePersonal is one of my favourite WordPress themes. The drak background, two columns, and the eye-catching logo perfectly meet my taste. The following modifications will make the theme better.

1. Widen the theme

The default width of theme zeePersonal is 980 pixel, but it has a fat sidebar and large value of the the property Padding and Margin. So the posts area looks very narrow, which gives readers a bad feeling. So I tried to edit the CSS style sheet to widen the theme, whick involves two aspects: Firstly, widen the global width of the theme so it looks better with widescreen displays. ( I guess few people use monitors less than 1280 pixels today.) Secondly, widen the posts area while narrow the sidebar, which make the website look well-balanced.

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